A Video Of An Unarmed Pastor From Killeen, Texas Who Was Fatally Shot By Police Following A Psychological Well being Name Is Going Viral

#Roommates, incredibly sad news when another unarmed black man was killed as a result of the police – and this time it was local pastor Patrick Warren Sr. After his family asked for help because they were concerned he had a mental health episode instead sent the police and tragically shot Patrick Warren Sr.

@ShaunKing was one of the first to spread the heartbreaking news, detailing what happened earlier this week when Patrick Warren Sr. was killed by local police and the video of the incident went viral. Warren was a husband, father, and respected pastor who was reportedly in the midst of a mental crisis. Alarmed, his family called mental health workers for help – but they decided to send the police instead. You can check out the shocking video that was posted on Shaun King’s Instagram.

When the police arrived, instead of worrying about Patrick Warren’s mental health, they drew their guns and shot him three times in the chest … and killed him. All of this apparently happened within a minute after the police arrived at the scene.

At present, the officers involved have not been suspended, dismissed, or charged with a felony, as the Warren family are understandably devastated to lose him in such tragic circumstances.

The Warren family has now recruited attorney Lee Merritt, who is demanding the immediate removal from the force and the arrest of the officers responsible for his death.

His son Patrick Warren Jr. set up a GoFundMe page where the family can pay for their funeral expenses. According to his son, he had life insurance but it recently expired and is asking for help. You can donate here.

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