Addison Rae Requested Who Her ‘Least Favourite’ Kardashian Is Throughout Recreation – Test Out Her Flustered Response And Reply!

While at her BF Bryce Hall Youtube Channel, Addison Rae played ‘Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts’ and was asked a pretty tricky question – who is your least favorite Kardashian? As you can imagine, the influencer who is quite a close friend of the reality TV family was surprised by the question, and her reaction was pretty hilarious!

Addison Rae spent a lot of time with the Kar-Jenners, especially Kourtney Kardashian.

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While it can be assumed that she’s most fond of the mother of three, when choosing her least favorite Kardashian, Addison would rather eat old fish than decide (or say who it is!).

In a new Bryce Hall vlog, Addison played the popular James Corden game where you either have to answer some tricky and awkward questions or eat disgusting food!

Addison was pretty confident when it was time for her and Blake to play the game, so she picked the old fish and declared, “I’ll definitely answer it, so I’ll pick this one.”

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But his grin made it clear that Blake knew he was going to surprise her with what he wanted to ask, “Who’s your least favorite Kardashian you’ve met?”

Everyone in the room started laughing, Addison replied clearly nervous, “Oh my god. I don’t have a favorite. ‘

But he went on and asked: “There is no one who annoys you just a little?”

“I’m not answering that!” Addison exclaimed awkwardly and took a small bite from the old fish.

“I won’t eat any of that anymore,” she screamed in disgust.

Fans know all too well that Addison and Kourtney hang out a lot, despite their age difference.

The two have shot many TikTok videos together since they started their friendship in March.


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