Alec Baldwin Claps Again At Critics After He And Hilaria Welcome A New Child – ‘STFU!’

The actor didn’t appreciate some people’s suggestions that his latest addition to his family’s mom be a different woman than his actual wife! As you may know, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin took the internet by surprise when they revealed their newborn, just six months after welcoming their previous baby!

While that doesn’t seem to make sense at first, there are a few good explanations, far better than suspecting he had the baby with another woman.

Most likely the couple used a replacement!

Alec’s seventh child is named Lucia and the whole family was thrilled to introduce her to the world, but unfortunately her arrival in the world met with criticism and suspicion.

The star then went to their platform to complain that the US is so “fueled by hatred”!

One fan in particular had some rather invasive questions about the circumstances of the newborn’s arrival, including, “Who is the mother?” And “If the baby was adopted!”

In response, Alec wrote, “You should shut up and mind your own business.” Obviously, he didn’t appreciate the inappropriate curiosity and not-so-subtle suggestion that he was being unfaithful!

And that’s not all! Another reviewer commented, “My first response was ‘Yikes’, but it’s none of my business. If you can love and support all of these children, God bless you.”

“I think people should just say congratulations or just shut up. That’s it, ”Alec clapped back again.

When a fan came to his aid and wondered why people are so mean, Alec stepped in with his own theory and wrote, “Because they’re not really very smart at heart. Americans are people who know much less about how to live a peaceful and healthy life than most civilized people. America is a country fueled by hatred. ‘


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