Alicia Keys Amazes Individuals By Portray With Her Piano (Video)

Like the rest of us who have used this time indoors to perfect our craft or learn something new, Alicia Keys has used her time to test new talent.

As if she wasn’t already one of the GOATS of piano playing, she has just found a new use for the instrument that catapulted her to fame, and I think anyone would imagine that.

Alicia Keys painted an entire painting with her piano, yes, a piano. Just seeing the words written down probably doesn’t do the act justice.

She shared the new talent on her Instagram page on Sunday, letting fans know that she was working on something special.

“Yo, I think I just did something crazy,” Alicia Keys opens the video before going to her colorful piano to play a few pieces.

With every note she played, color shot out of her piano onto a nearby canvas. Several colors splashed onto the canvas, then Alicia turned back to the camera.

The jury isn’t sure if this was just an illusion or if their piano was really out here painting pretty pictures, but we’ll let you all be the judge.

Besides painting with her piano, Alicia had a lot to celebrate in the past year. She held it down for the ladies in an epic “Verzuz” match against fellow pianist John Legend.

Sis also hosted the Grammys, signed a contract for a skin care line, and took to her philanthropy tip by building a $ 1 billion fund with contributions from the NFL to help black businesses. So yeah, we are definitely not mad at sis because they have a great 2020 and start 2021 with a new talent. It definitely serves as an inspiration.

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