Ammika Harris Posts Extra NYE Pics With Her Girlfriends And Followers Can not Have Sufficient Of Her Magnificence

Ammika Harris manages to impress her fans and followers with some beautiful pictures from NYE in which she wore a really glamorous dress that allowed people to see a lot of skin. She just posted more photos on social media and the fans are totally impressed.

Check out the last post she shared on her IG account.

“Luck looks good on you,” someone said.

Another follower posted this message: “And people think there are no two beautiful best friends – or all of you sisters, one way or another, you are all beautiful.”

Another said, “Be so happy, honey, you have a beautiful soul both inside and out. Beautiful 🔥🔥 ‘

Another commenter posted this: ‘@ammikaaa soooo are you going to drop your skincare routine? 😅💕 ‘and a follower posted this message:’ Amika is so alive and beautiful, and she’s not even in her prime. Imagine meeting her 30s – flawless skin.

Someone else said, “Your face is so cute. My niece is half white, half Spanish, but she looks Asian and reminds me of you so much.”

Another follower said, “Mikaaaaa, you are so stunning. Seeing you is so refreshing.”

Another commenter posted this message: “What are you famous for other than having a baby with Chris Brown?”

Chris Brown’s baby mom was highly acclaimed in the comments section. Some people were confused the other day that she wasn’t with NYE Chris Brown.

In addition, Ammika shared some new pictures with herself and her for Christmas Chris BrownSon of Aeko. Look at the photos.


Earlier this year, Ammika shared many PCs with Chris Brown and her baby from a vacation they’d spent together in an exotic location, and fans were really happy about it.

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