Andra Day Addresses These Brad Pitt Relationship Rumors!

Rumors abound that Brad Pitt is dating Andra Day! But the actor has been linked to a lot of women since he split from Angelina Jolie in 2016, so what’s the truth?

Well, the Golden Globe winner took up the speculation about their alleged romance and revealed whether or not they are really an item!

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As it turns out, no matter how badly some fans want to see it, Brandra doesn’t happen.

At least, Andra said the entertainment tonight at the BET Awards the other day.

When asked about the romantic rumors, she quickly made it clear that nothing like this was going on between them.

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Not only that, she was also quite amused by the speculation as the two of them had never met before!

“Oh my god, child, especially because we’ve never met. So I thought, ‘Oh, all right.’ My sister hit me afterwards and she said, ‘You met Brad Pitt?’ I said, ‘I think so. Guess we did, “she told the point of sale.

She further emphasized: “We don’t go together. We don’t even know each other. It’s hilarious. It was thin air. Someone was bored that day. But he’s great, super talented, wonderful. “

At this point, it really seems like every A-listener who comes in contact with Brad (and some who never have, like Andra) gets a romantic connection with the actor.

He even joked about it at the Golden Globes last year.

“I want to say hello to my people because hey. You’re back in the Ozarks. I wanted to bring my mother with me, but everyone I sit next to says that I’ve made an appointment, ”he said at the time.

Despite many rumors, Brad Pitt has yet to confirm a relationship after his divorce from Angelina.

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