Ari Fletcher Responds After a Photographer Posts A Photograph Of Taina Williams Holding She & G Herbo’s Son

Ari Fletcher has shown the world that she has a very playful spirit when she is with her friends and loved ones, but the only thing she doesn’t play about is her son Yosohn! Her funny boy, whom she shares with G Herbo, was photographed sitting on Taina Williams’ lap and Ari wasn’t here for that at all.

It looks like G Herbo was on an outing with Yosohn and his current girlfriend, Taina, and a photographer at the event took some photos of them along the way. One photo caught Ari however and even got her to comment on the IG page of the photo.

“Honey, please don’t post my son and any other girl, remove that,” she said, referring to the picture of Yoshon chilling with Taina.

Many fans began to question Ari’s decision to comment. The last time we checked, Herb said that everything was fine between his wife and his child’s mother. Ari then went to Twitter to explain her decision.

“I don’t want my son to keep her in public because she told me from her own mouth that Yosohn doesn’t like her. So I don’t want my son to feel uncomfortable. “

Well, Ari’s comments clearly rubbed her baby daddy the wrong way, and he went on to his Instagram story with a message of his own: “Happy he doesn’t hate.”

Now you know Ari isn’t scared of internet beef, and while she doesn’t address Herb directly, she had a question of her own about herpes. If you remember, Ari previously claimed that G had herbo herpes during a verbal argument they had because he cheated on during their relationship.

After the two exchanged these messages, Ari decided that it was best to leave the situation alone.

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