Ashley Graham Exhibits Off Her Underarm Hair As She Takes A Bathtub

Ashley Graham makes headlines after sharing a photo showing her armpit hair. The picture was part of a slideshow Ashley shared with her 11.7 million Instagram followers after Ashley celebrated her 33rd birthday birthday on Oct. 30, 2020. Known for her boldness in showing off her curves and taking a natural approach to social media, Ashley often shared raw and pristine photos of herself, including her imperfections like stretch marks. Ashely is now showing her armpit hair and fans are commenting on the new pictures.

The photo slideshow was in honor of Ashely’s birthday and she also used the images to encourage her followers to vote. The 2020 election is heating up and Ashley has used her vote and public platform to encourage people to cast their votes.

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Ashley has been married to photographer Justin Irvin for ten years and the couple welcomed their first child, Isaac Ervin, in January 2020. Not only does Ashley share her body-positive photos, but she is also a proud supporter of breastfeeding. She often shares photos and videos of herself breastfeeding baby Isaac.

You may see the photo Ashley shared of herself in the bathtub below

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Here is the full slideshow Ashley shared on her Instagram account.

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Ashley remains one of the most popular models in the world and has brought her message about body positivity to the masses. She was showing off her cellulite, baring her body, and taking her fans on her journey when she sparked controversy from Victoria’s Secret for her Lane Bryant ads that ran during American Idol, until she became one of the world’s most popular influencers.

It’s not known if Ashley kept growing armpit hair, if she was too busy to shave, or if she simply made a statement, but the picture spoke volumes to her fans. Some even referred to the photo as “quarantine pits”.

What do you think of Ashley GrahamSlide show and your bathtub selfie? Were you surprised to see the model with armpit hair?

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