Ben Affleck Sends Humorous Video To TikTok Star After Unmatching Him On This Relationship App!

A TikToker named Nivine Jay was once unmatched Ben Affleck on a dating app because she believed she was being fished! However, the actor turned out to be real when he sent her a clip in which he not only used her name but also asked why he hadn’t been reached by her!

The app in question is called Raya and it is mainly used by various A-listers in the entertainment industry.

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It really sounds like Ben Affleck hurt his feelings through the whole thing. The clip he sent the TikTok star proves that it is.

At the same time, to this day, Nivine regrets it and can not believe that she did not reach the famous actor!

That being said, she did a TikTok about it and it went viral because a lot of people can’t help but feel their pain!

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Nivine, who is also an actress in the upcoming TV movie Space Juice, shared the clip yesterday and the popular sound of Gia Giudice, known as Waking Up In The Morning, was playing in the background.

The footage itself showed the woman silently shaking her head and the text written over it read: “I thought of the time when I agreed with Ben Affleck on Raya and thought it was a fake so I didn’t get in touch with him and he sent me a video on Instagram. “

Not only that, but it provided actual evidence. In the next scene, Ben Affleck himself complained that he was second to none.

“Nivine, why didn’t you reach me? It’s me, ”said the actor in front of the camera.

The video has also gone viral Twitter and here the Good Place actress Jameela Jamil wrote about it.

She actually reacted weirdly in the way her character on the show, Tahani, would react, writing in the headline, “I once told my * good friend * Ben Affleck not to notify girls on Instagram and say me it is. ” like a mafia boss…. -Tahani. ‘

Those who have watched the series are well aware that Tahani often calls drop celebrities and makes it seem like she is close to a lot of A-listers to get attention and tells all sorts of outrageous stories to the other characters.

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