Rolling Ray Provides His Ideas On The Current Drama Between Slick Woods & Chrisean Rock—“Slick Woods Too Bald-Headed To Be Taking part in So A lot”

Roommate, early this morning Bluefaces artist Chrisean Rock took to social media to share her unfortunate encounter with model Slick Woods – and the internet immediately lit up with a variety of opinions … including Rolling Ray. Rolling Ray decided to add his thoughts on Slick Woods slapping Chrisean Rock’s cell phone after Chrisean commented on how cute Slick was, and he definitely wasn’t holding back in real Rolling Ray way.

Rolling Ray took to Twitter and kept his comments on Slick Woods short but definitely not cute. He wrote the following:

“Slick Woods is too bald to play that much. Uh, anyone who has a head that’s shaped like an apple wants apple products. “

As we previously reported, things took an unexpected turn when Chrisean spotted Slick at a party with his phone out and excitedly replied, “She’s so pretty!” Before she could get the words out of her mouth, however, Slick slapped her cell phone out of her hand and on the floor, threatening to stomp on it. When the video went viral, many fans wondered why Chrisean didn’t try to fight back after Slick, who was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2019, got physical.

She hopped live on Instagram to explain why she chose not to fight back, even though Slick was the attacker in the situation:

“This Christian thing is like one of those things, how can you be a gangsta and still be a Christian, not a gangsta but true to yourself. “Everyone keeps saying that Slick is sick. I’m not worried about anyone being sick, brother. If you’re so sick, why are you drunk at a party and slapping a phone out of their hands? “

Until now, Slick Woods has not publicly responded to Chrisean Rock’s video live about her argument or reaction on Instagram.

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