Berlin Discussion board Premiere ‘Tzarevna Scaling’ Lands At Reel Suspects – EFM – .

EXCLUSIVE: The Paris-based distribution company Reel Suspects has made world sales of Uldus Bakhtiozina’s debut feature film Tzarevna Scaling, which was selected for this year’s Berlinale Forum program, with the exception of Russia.

Bakhtiozina is an internationally known artist who became the first Russian speaker to give a TED talk in 2015. She has exhibited work all over the world.

This is their first feature. It follows a fishmonger who, after having had tea from an old woman, realizes that her sleep has turned into a fairy tale in which she has to fight for the daughter of a tsar.

“I’m very proud to be working on Uldus’ first feature. I fell in love with the film at first sight. It’s powerful film work that reminds me of Ron Fricke’s Baraka or Matthew Barney’s work with a more social and political background, ”said Matteo Lovadina, CEO of Reel Suspects. “We’re also excited to strengthen our relationships with Russian producers who are proving to be very productive and creative in this pandemic.”

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