Biden Making ready To Signal Govt Order On Gun Management

Joe Biden is reportedly preparing to sign a gun control ordinance.

Last year, millions of Americans became first-time gun owners due to the pandemic and unrest.

Gun control isn’t a popular topic, but it’s something the far left wants and Biden wants to give it to them.

The Blaze reports:

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The White House confirms that Biden will sign an executive order on gun control

The White House confirmed on Friday that President Joe Biden will sign Executive Orders on gun control.

During the White House press conference on Friday, CNN Chief White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins asked, “Should we continue to expect gun action from the President?” White House press secretary Jen Psaki replied “yes” and said there was no “precise time frame” for the gun control operations.

“I will note that when the president was vice-president of the Obama-Biden administration, he took 23 executive measures to combat gun violence,” added Psaki. “It’s one of the levers we can use any federal government and president to crack down on the proliferation of gun violence and the security of the people across the country.”

“We have to deal with this epidemic and address the threat of gun violence in a number of ways,” said Psaki. “And he will. He’s committed to it. “

Speaking at the White House press conference on Wednesday, Psaki said President Biden has been weighing “for several weeks” with executive action on weapons control measures.

The people on the right are speaking out.

Democrats are busy clinging their pearls over gun control. They claim the founders do not support Americans’ current right to bear arms.

I want to remind the Democrats that our founders had just ended a war against their ex-compatriots.

Mustn’t be hurt, it’s pretty clear.

– Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) March 27, 2021

Jen Psaki says Biden will sign the gun control orders

WH spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed on Friday that President Biden intends to sign executive orders on gun control.

Defuse gun control


– Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) March 27, 2021

If Biden does try to put gun control in place, we will retake the house in 2022 and there will be a Republican revival. Don’t underestimate the passion of gun owners.

– Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) March 26, 2021

America no longer needs or wants gun control.

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