Biden White Home Signal Language Interpreter Slammed for ‘Far Proper’ Ties

The liberal demolition culture has apparently found a new target: the White House sign language interpreter. Yes, because she appears to have worked for conservative video makers, her position as a sign language interpreter, despite being fully qualified, is now unbearable.

Time Magazine, which drooled over Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and recently named them Person of the Year, is now outraged by the “right-wing” sign language interpreter who worries her so much because of her unacceptable personal opinion. The time writer Abigail Abrams warned: “President Biden’s first sign language interpreter in the White House has connections on the far right.”

… when press spokeswoman Jen Psaki began her briefing on Monday by announcing that American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters would now be present at all White House press conferences, many deaf and hard of hearing Americans celebrated this historic premiere.

However, it turned out that the first selected ASL interpreter was no such change from the previous administration. Heather Mewshaw, who introduced Psaki as “today’s interpreter Heather” on Monday, also appears to be leading a group of ASL interpreters accompanying right-wing sign language videos.

Note that these days viewpoints that do not adhere to democratic or left-wing narrative are now being labeled “right”, just as freedom of speech is increasingly being interpreted as “hate speech”.

The biggest reason for the cancellation, of course, is to be among the 78 million Americans who voted for President Donald Trump:

In a January 20 video titled “Thank you President Trump from the ASL right-wing team!” Signs Mewshaw along with a compilation video of Trump dancing to the song “YMCA”.

And even the others in their Hands for Freedom group make them guilty by uniting:

“Joe Biden is literally and legally not the elected president,” said a December Facebook video in which another interpreter in Mewshaw’s group interpreted comments by right-wing figure Candace Owens.

Was there any evidence that Mewshaw misinterpreted anything Jen Psaki said? Interestingly, even Time had to admit that she was absolutely professional at all times:

Mewshaw has three certifications from the Register of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), a national membership organization for interpreters. There is no evidence that Mewshaw signed wrongly in the White House or in previous work, and no one TIME has spoken to has made any claims.

The horror of a sign language interpreter with contrary views became even more ridiculous a few days later when the Washington Post jumped on the “scandal” and reported that “Biden’s sign language interpreter translated right-wing misinformation”.

More than 3,500 people have signed a petition to ban Mewshaw from interpreting for the White House. Some said they wanted to report them.

Who will they report them to? The Thought Police?

Heather Mewshaw’s days as a sign language interpreter for the Unity White House are likely to be over. At least she has a lot of experience with the signature “I will return to you”.

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