Bobby Lytes Has Been Kicking It With Jeffree Star’s Ex Boo Andre Marhold

Bobby Lytes spent time with Jeffree Star's ex-boo Andre Marhold in Miami.

Andre Marhold went from overseas basketball player to a man in the city practically overnight. He originally started blogging about his scandalous relationship with Jeffree Star, the makeup artist who has been accused on multiple occasions of being racist towards black people.

Since her disastrous time, Andre has moved on and been associated with other public figures, including the “black widow” Celina Powll, and now he takes on him with Bobby Lytes.

It seems the guys spent some time together while Andre was visiting Miami. Bobby Lytes recently celebrated his birthday when Andre was one of the guests in attendance.

Now he seems to have extended his stay and spent time with Bobby, who accidentally called Jeffree Star because of his racist past and intentionally dating black men.

Andre posted a picture of him and Booby in a swimming pool and even hit Bobby with a tag. In response, Bobby posted a selfie with Andre, calling him his “MCM”.

While some people feel like they are just two hackers connecting, others suggest this could be new witchcraft for us.

Andre didn’t have the best rep when he tried to escape the rumors that “chase clout”. Andre’s ex-girlfriend and his son’s mother said he should work in Los Angeles when he was hanging out with Jeffree Star.

Celina Powell went a step further, claiming Andre had told her his little relationship with Jeffree was only for the public and Andre wasn’t actually gay, just getting paid.

Could this be the case with Bobby Lytes? Only time can tell.

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