Undeterred by Coronavirus Pandemic, People Put together to Render Verdict on Trump

The report by Dr. Deborah Birx warned about the kind of rallies Mr Trump had held. It was also predicted that the United States would continue to see days when the number of new cases exceeded 100,000, according to a White House official who reviewed the report, first reported by the Washington Post.

The voters were plagued with nervous energy. Katie Whelan, a New Jersey high school history teacher, crossed the Pennsylvania border to knock on the door for Mr. Biden on the main battlefield over the weekend. Last night, she said, she woke up from a panic dream with Hillary Clinton and a fear that she would miss out on the ballot box. “She said, ‘Honey, I was there,'” Ms. Whelan remembered Ms. Clinton, who told her in a dream.

In addition to her fear, Ms. Whelan couldn’t tell if the nightmare started in 2016 or 2020. “I stood over the sink and drank three liters of water,” said Ms. Whelan. “And I said to myself, ‘I’ll advertise better.'”

For Mr Trump and Mr Biden, their final events on the last full day of the 2020 campaign were as clear a display of their differences as anything they said.

Mr Trump tried to maintain a sense of normalcy even as the number of cases of infection increased. He broke public health guidelines with a number of large rallies in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and even nodded to the best infectious disease expert in the country, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, should he win another term, at a rally in Florida that lasted after midnight on Sunday.

In Ohio and Pennsylvania, Mr. Biden argued that there could be no return to the routine until the virus was under control and his route of socially distant drive-in rallies – “Honk, if you agree with me!” he yelled in Cleveland – serving as a visual expression of his sober approach. Mr Biden, the former Vice President, passed the race in a referendum on Mr Trump’s response to a pandemic that has infected more than nine million people in the United States and killed more than 230,000 people.

“The first step in fighting the virus is fighting Donald Trump,” Biden said, adding, “The power to change the country is in your hands.”

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