Breonna Taylor Case Replace: Choose Dismissed Fees In opposition to Kenneth Walker

There is an important update on Brepnna Taylor’s case. The Shade Room knows more about this and you can check out the information available below.

‘A Jefferson County Circuit Court judge has dismissed charges against #KennethWalker with prejudice. As many of you know, Kenneth was accused of shooting an officer last year when they broke into # BreonnaTaylor’s apartment during a robbery when they eventually killed her. As previously reported, Kenneth mentioned several times that he didn’t know the officers were at the door before they got in, ”notes TSr.

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TSR, citing information from Wlky, states that Kenneth was charged with assault and attempted murder following the shooting after Metro Police shot Sgt. #JonathanMattingly in the leg. ‘

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On Monday, charges against Kenneth were dropped with prejudice. The charges against him were dropped last May, but without prejudice, which means they could be brought again if new information became known. Last October, Kenneth spoke up in his first interview since filming, ”states TSR.

One supporter said, “It should never have been charged,” and someone else posted this message, “As they should. The man defended himself and his queen.”

Someone else said, ‘Finally some good news, BUT THAT’S NOT ENOUGH. We need real justice for Kenneth and Brenna! ‘and one commenter posted this: “Now press charges against the officers who attacked him and his late girlfriend.”

One follower said, “Just to let you know that Chad Wheeler, who violently molested his black girlfriend, is no longer trending after pleading guilty. She still deserves justice. I’m out. ✌🏾 ‘

One commenter wrote this message: “I got angry before I even read it … I came to conclusions faster than anyone, baby mom.”


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