Britney Spears Exhibits Love To Miley Cyrus, Sarah Jessica Parker, Natalie Portman And Different Women Who Have been There For Her Throughout Troublesome 12 months!

The star went to her platform to send some love to other ladies who managed to make quarantine easier for her in the past year! Besides that, Britney Spears thanked Miley Cyrus , Sarah Jessica Parker and Natalie Portman, who gave a “spark” to all of her days during such tough months.

As it turns out, Britney Spears, like many others, has found comfort and hope in listening to Miley’s new album Plastic Hearts, but also watching SJP’s TV show Sex and the City in Lockdown!

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In other words, these special women are among the people who supported and were there for Spears amid the pandemic and explosive battle in front of the Conservatory Court.

So she couldn’t help but show her gratitude and decide to call them the other day on her IG account and even refer to them as “the women who really inspired my life”.

Miley and Sarah weren’t the only ones she showed love to, however, as Britney included pictures of Natalie Portman, Sharon Stone, Miley’s younger sister Noah Cyrus, her own sister Jamie Lynn Spears, and fitness trainer Tawny Janae.

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In the caption, she wrote, “It was really hard for me to be separated from my family and boyfriend during quarantine, but the good thing about social media is that we can connect in a different way that helps us not to feel alone in this crazy world. These cool ladies always add a spark to my day. ‘

Sarah Jessica Parker found the cute post quickly and replied, ‘Thank you, dear @britneyspears. I think you know how I feel for you For a long time. I send my best and touch that you have accepted me as a companion. X, SJ. ‘

As for Miley, she also responded to the post by posting a 2019 picture of her in “Shake It” shorts and writing, “I’ve learned everything I know from Britney.”

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