Candace Owens Lands Late-Evening Discuss Present

According to The Hill, Candace Owens has released a new talk show called “Candace”.

In an interview with ITK, she explained, “I think the best way to describe this would be like a late night talk show. It will be funny. It will be carefree. I think the most important adjective is that it will be hopeful, ”reports The Hill.

Candace also stated, “I think the people who follow me know that I have a great sense of humor. I’ve always been the kind of person who believes the best way to communicate an idea is through humor, ”explained Candace.

Candace, who gained her popularity from political commentary and what some consider to be unpopular opinions, added, “I just think that right now people are feeling lost, not just in America but in Western civilization. Everything that is treated is so depressing. ”

That announcement comes after teasing a presidential campaign in 2024. “I love America. I was thinking about running for president, ”she wrote to her more than 2.6 million Twitter followers in February.

The staunch Trump supporter says her audience is “a person who doesn’t feel heard or misunderstood.

‘Candace’ will debut and record to a studio audience on March 19th in Nashville, TN.

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