Chet Hanks Information A Lawsuit In opposition to His Ex-Girlfriend & She Obtains A Restraining Order In opposition to Him After January Altercation Is Captured On Video 

Angry! There’s a lot going on with Chet Hanks and his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker. TMZ has received video of a violent altercation that took place on January 8th at his home in Sugarland, TX. The video shows Kiana holding a saucepan as he claims she threatened him with a knife. She then hits the camera while he is recording, and the video then cuts to Chet with blood on his face.

The site reports that Kiana received an injunction against Chet in January after claiming he beat her more than once between October 2020 and January 2021.

Regarding Chet, he recently filed a lawsuit over the January 2021 incident. He claims things started when he broke up with Kiana after learning that she allegedly stole from him. He claims she took thousands of dollars off his credit cards and got away with some of his belongings. He is now suing her for assault, theft, and the return of the money she allegedly stole.

Recalling the January 8 argument, Chet claimed she showed up at his house that day with three men and claimed that one of them waved a gun at him.

However, Kiana says she showed up at the house with moving companies when she was trying to get her things. She claims Chet pissed her off and he reached for a knife threateningly. She says she kept the pot for self defense. She claims she was chased onto the street where she claims she was attacked until someone came to help.

Kiana described another alleged incident that happened while they were in New Orleans while Chet was filming for the Showtime show “Your Honor.” She claims that Chet was upset when she left her room at the Windsor Court Hotel for food. She claimed Chet grabbed her wrists and threw her across the room.

The allegations go so far that he allegedly knocks over tables, throws bottles at her, chases her down the hall of the hotel and allegedly tells her that no one would believe her because she is “just a ghetto black b * tch”.

Kiana tries to make the injunction against him permanent. Her attorney tells TMZ that she is currently under medical care and she has tried unsuccessfully to serve Chet. She has also reportedly reached his parents.

Chet’s attorney told TMZ: “The day after Chet Hanks confronted Kiana Parker about stealing money from his credit card, Ms. Parker attacked Chet with a knife, which she viciously attacked with a knife, causing him to bleed profusely. It’s all on video and the undisputed video tells the whole story. Your claims are completely false, made up and fictional. “

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