China Whistleblower with Royal Ancestry Steps Ahead

As reported in The Gateway Pundit last weekend, a video was released on Friday in Mandarin Chinese of a phone request for fake ballot papers that had been customized by the Chinese factory.

The manufacturer is reportedly located in Kwangtung, China.

The video shows a caller requesting a bulk order for ballot papers to be shipped to the United States.
Here is the video with the translation.

For your information: Our Mandarin spokesman confirmed that the translation is correct.

TRENDING: TRUMP CAMPAIGN files lawsuit to overturn fraudulent elections in Georgia

The contract was reportedly for 5 million votes.

Two readers noted that the 0.54 second mark read “Charlotte County Florida” on the ballot papers.

Here is an example of a Charlotte vote…

We have spoken with the creator of this video since our original report. It’s called Venice.

And the story he told us is explosive!

Here is the original report from Taiwan.

Here you can find more photos of the alleged print shop and samples of the Nor.

More photos from the print shop. (1)
More photos from the print shop. (1) @gatewaypundit @scrowder @JennaEllisEsq @benshapiro @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @SecPompeo @michaeljknowles @SteveDeaceShow @glennbeck @RudyGiuliani @ SidneyPowell1 @marklevinshow @tedcru

– Wei Yu is watching the world (@ weiyuksj1) November 29, 2020

Here are templates of the Michigan counterfeit ballot papers printed in China.

Wechat dialogue between the printer and Cmmedia. Letter Media pretended to print ballots and spoke to Wechat at the printer. @gatewaypundit @scrowder @JennaEllisEsq @benshapiro @realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @michaeljknowles @SteveDeaceShow @glennbeck @RudyGiuliani @ SidneyPowell1

– Wei Yu is watching the world (@ weiyuksj1) November 29, 2020

And Mr. Vinness A. Ollervides confirmed this information during a phone call.

He was also the source for this information.

Mr. Ollervides (@vialoysia), former political insider of the Chinese Communist Party, has confirmed that after exporting from China to Canada and Mexico since July, @gatewaypundit @JennaEllisEsq around 1.5 million bogus votes from swing states have not were taken into account / Rsn8wXShOn

– Wei Yu is watching the world (@ weiyuksj1) November 29, 2020

Vinness, who is from the royal bloodline, wants this information to come out.

As a whistleblower of this video and as a person who has a conscience and belief in God and was out to expose China’s interference in the US elections, I will post more information to prove that this choice is wrong! # TRUMP2020ToSaveAmerica

– Vinness.A.Ollervides (@vialoysia) December 3, 2020

Vinness Ollervides

Vinness Ollervides has an amazing life story and background. He studied in the West, speaks six languages ​​and is a writer and artist. His father died in prison for his role in Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign.

Ollervides is now a political activist and the third generation of CCP aristocrats. He has been banned from China for his public address on democracy in Taiwan, Tibet and Manchu.

We pass this information on to our contacts in the intelligence community.

Vinness and his mother at Isangga’s grave, the ancestral grave of Ollervides’ family. The photo was taken during ancestor worship.

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