Chris Brown Can’t Cease Drooling Over Scorching Ammika Harris In A Tight Crop High – ‘DAMN GIRL!’

The gorgeous model used her social media platform of choice to share a picture showing her toned abs in a crop top and not only the fans were impressed! Your baby dad, Chris Brown, also stopped in the comments section to add to her look!

Ammika Harris looks great and it was impossible for Chris not to let his feelings for her be known!

The young mother only wore comfortable but fashionable sweatpants and a tight top that flaunted her flat, taut stomach!

The mirror selfie showing Ammika’s perfect figure got her baby daddy to say, ‘DAMN GIRL !!!!’ In the comments section, social media users quickly noticed the love, although there were plenty of other cute comments from their own followers!

This public expression of affection comes after the co-parents are reunited after months of separation during quarantine.

They even went on vacation with their son, where they also celebrated his first birthday!

But now Ammika and the toddler are back in Germany and Chris undoubtedly misses them very much!

Fortunately, they stay in touch almost every day via the phone and FaceTime, but the father of two wants nothing more than his entire family together!

Baby Aeko and daughter Royalty, who grow up around each other and bond as siblings, is all Chris wants – in addition to maybe really taking his relationship with Ammika to the next level!

While what they have isn’t entirely official yet, it is clear that he’s totally interested!

A source previously shared on HollywoodLife: ‘[Chris and Ammika] FaceTime every day so they stay very connected. It’s hard for Chris to be apart [from Ammika and Aeko]and he already misses her, but he has to work so he had to go home. ‘


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