CNN Anchor Shows Tacky ‘Information First’ Sweater Whereas Trashing GOP with Kasich

The “Facts First” tagline on CNN has always been a joke, as anti-Trump and anti-Republican opinions are usually more common than calm statements of fact. CNN newsroom host Kate Bolduan wowed the left at HuffPost and elsewhere with a “bold fashion statement” – she wore a cheesy “Facts First” jumper in the air Thursday morning.

The Lingua Franca NYC website sells a whopping $ 380, along with other feel-good messages such as “The Future Is Female”. The sales pitch on this website is bubbling like CNN:

Facts are facts.
You are not colored by emotion or bias.
You are undeniable.
There is no alternative to a fact.
Facts explain things.
What they are, how they happened.
Facts are not interpretations.
As soon as facts are available, opinions can be formed.
And while opinions matter, they don’t change facts.
We stand by our friends at CNN who start with the facts first.

Much of Bolduan’s show on Thursday was about the coronavirus vaccine, but CNN’s usual “opinion first” approach with Republicans erupted in an interview with John Kasich, who spoke at Democratic Congress and endorsed Joe Biden as president, but bizarrely he still proclaims that it is his “conservative Republican”. Supporting a Liberal Democrat like Biden is not a “conservative Republican” act. Like CNN, Kasich simply hates Trump, and getting rid of him was more important than anything.

These hateful feelings and prejudices triumphed over the facts as Bolduan and Kasich both marveled at the soon-to-fail Texas election fraud lawsuit and then shattered the current state of the GOP, which supposedly no longer has identifiable positions:

BOLDUAN: But you basically have the most basic states telling other states how to hold their elections or how to try. And I’m impressed if there are Republican principles and ideals there right now, where is this going for the party?

KASICH: Wait, wait, Kate.

BOLDUAN: I’m not saying – I’m saying some Republicans.

KASICH: Wait, wait. Republican principles and ideals among these leaders went out the window about five years ago. You can’t even tell me what the Republican Party stands for anymore. I really do not know it. Do you have a position in health care? I haven’t heard one yet. Do you have a position on immigration? I haven’t heard one yet. Do you have a position on what used to be important to you, America’s rising debt? I haven’t heard one yet. How do you feel about the environment? Ignore it. I have no idea what they are –

BOLDUAN: That was our constant joke. You are the last Republican in the country to still deal with the deficit and debt. Unfortunately, that was an ongoing joke that you and I talked about.

KASICH: Kate, some people say what happened to Kasich? Is he changed? No, I didn’t leave the party, the party left me. I was a free trader. I have balanced budgets. I cut taxes. I worry about people who don’t have much. I care about the environment. I am a conservative republican. The rest of these people go out to lunch.

Kasich did not say that for the Democratic Assembly. He said he would take off his partisan hat: “Joe Biden is a man for our time, times when we must all take off our partisan hats and put our nation first for ourselves and of course for our children.”

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