Did Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Get Married In Hawaii?

Have Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom get married in Hawaii? Fans have been waiting for Katy and Orlando to tie the knot for years, but their wedding has been postponed due to the pandemic. Many people thought they were getting married after the couple greeted their daughter Daisy in August, but a public wedding is still pending and some believe they know why. New photos of Katy and Orlando vacationing in Hawaii have asked many if they were already walking down the aisle when Katy was photographed with what appears to be a wedding ring!

During Harry and Meghan’s groundbreaking interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan revealed to Markle that she and Harry had secretly married before their royal wedding. Now people are asking if Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom did the same.

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A source spoke to Life & Style magazine for the upcoming April 5, 2021 issue and talked about the lovebirds.

Orlando has remained silent about it so far. However, some of her friends believe that they have already exchanged vows in a private ceremony. They were both excited about a blowout wedding party, but times have changed.

Katy and Orlando have been engaged since February 14, 2019, and the coronavirus pandemic has caused the couple to put their wedding on hold. You are not alone as several other celebrities have hampered their wedding plans due to the pandemic, such as Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, as well as Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

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You may see an article by Perez Hilton below on the speculation surrounding Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

Life & Style continued to discuss Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s possible Hawaiian wedding, stating that Orlando’s son was in attendance with Miranda Kerr, Flynn Bloom.

Orlando has always wanted to have a low-key wedding – just him, Katy, Flynn and Daisy. Katy is still planning a ceremony with all the bells and whistles, a fabulous dress, friends and family, but right now they wanted to honor their bond in an easier way.

What do you think? Is Katy Perry Ms. Katy Bloom now?

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