Diddy Posts An Emotional Message Following The Loss of life Of Black Rob

Fans around the world were devastated after the sad news that Black Rob has passed away.

Rob’s former label mate Mark Curry said he was with the rapper when he died. “Rest in peace, my brother,” he said.

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It has unfortunately been reported that Black Rob, the New York rapper who was formerly part of Sean “Diddy” Combs’ bad boy label, has died.

According to official reports, Mark Curry announced Rob’s death in two videos posted to Instagram on Saturday, and Variety has confirmed that it has gone through additional sources.

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“I don’t know where to start,” Curry said in the first video. He went on and said, “But I thank everyone for the donations. Rob died about an hour ago. ‘

Diddy also tagged the tragedy on his social media account and said the following:

‘Rest in Power King @therealblackrob! When I listen to your records today, they have one thing in common! You made millions of people all over the world feel good and dance! You are unique! GOD BLESS! 🙏🏿 love. 🖤💫✨ You will really be missed !!!! 💔 ‘ Diddy said.

Someone commented, ‘Damn, someone died today and the people are tryna promoting themselves! The disrespect … earth is ghetto! ‘

Another follower said, “I remember when you were staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel for the Source Awards in 1998, you gave me a jacket that said ‘Puff Daddy for Life’. I still have it.”

One follower wrote, “It’s not over before BR is driven through the east side to the west side of Harem Love,” and one fan said, “We are losing our black kings left and right. Please pray for our men and women who do their best to take care of them and lift him up so he can be the best he can be. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen🙏🏽❤️. ‘

Stay tuned for more news.

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