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The basement of a hotel, an Al Malaikah temple, and the addition of an outdoor mall are just a few of the places the Oscars have been held in its 93-year history.

But with the pandemic comes a big change in the entertainment industry, and there’s no better time than switching Oscar venues – in this case, the Dolby Theater versus the 82-year-old downtown Union Station designed by John and Donald Parkinson to swap from Los Angeles?


As Oscar producer Stacey Sher said at a press conference on Saturday, “We are here to explain why cinema is important,” and Union Station is a landmark in the world’s film capital, including Crime Noir Union Station, The So as we were to live and die in LA, Blade Runner and The Dark Knight Rises were filmed. As Pete Hammond of . wrote, Oscar producer Steven Soderbergh’s “Manifesto” makes the awards ceremony look like a film and not a TV show with 24 frames per second in widescreen format with cinema recordings, including over his shoulder.

. Now: Will Sunday be a “ghost Oscars” or a breathtaking new vision of Hollywood’s biggest night?

Rendering of Union Station North Patio
Rockwell Group

Oscarcast production designer David Rockwell said in a press conference today that this year’s inspiration came from a throwback to the elegance of previous Oscars at the Biltmore and Roosevelt hotels. Both venues were actually considered this year before production settled at Union Station. The train station advertises the Art Deco architecture that LA is popular for. For this year’s exhibition, however, it is important to create “a room within a room,” according to Rockwell, especially one that is transparent.

The building lined up for an Oscar show in its “enormous size” and “oxygen”, which enabled “horizontal scaling and vertical wiping”. Essentially, the old ticket booth at Union Station will house the main stage. The north and south patios with jacaranda trees are used for the pre- and post-show. “The space is being used 360,” said Rockwell. “There will be camera positions that will capture action all over the room.”

One of Rockwell’s challenges while working on the site: “Nothing can be attached to the ceiling and nothing to the floor.”

The decorative lights are part of the show’s lighting, as are the station’s 40-foot windows in the old ticket area. Participants will sit in groups of two – a nominee and a guest – at tables and banquets.

“Remember, the ceremony starts at 5pm, so this production goes from daylight to night,” Rockwell said. “We’re going to use this daylight and other production light in the corner of the room to light the stage.”

The deadline was recently lowered on Union Station, and it’s work in progress. Many details come to life in the last 48 hours before the show. The station remains in full operation between the subway lines and the Amtrak trains. Important areas such as the inner courtyards and the original ticket lobby are locked and accessible to ID staff.

The Oscars will be broadcast live on ABC starting Sunday, April 25th at 5 p.m.

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