DNC CNN Swoons Over ‘Expertise’ of Biden’s Cupboard Picks

Left-wing CNN didn’t even try to resemble honest news coverage and ended the new day on Tuesday by passing out on Joe Biden while trying to ruin the president. Ever since Biden began naming his cabinet, the network has been reluctant to do anything other than praise the nominees. This is especially true of one of the recent picks, the Democratic Party’s longtime hack, Xavier Becerra, who heads the Department of Health and Human Services.

Instead, reporters like Abby Phillip were brought to praise the nominees: “There are three main things that the Biden nominees seem to all have in common: They have experience with the subject they have been selected for. Most of them have experience in the Government, and they also have experience with the principle. “

It’s not clear what kind of experience Becerra will bring to his department, especially in the middle of the pandemic. The closest thing he comes to the medical experience is lobbying the partisans on behalf of ObamaCare, both in Congress and as the attorney general of California. While this speaks for his attorney credentials, it says nothing about him as an administrator or a health professional.

Nor did the liberal network mention that the Senate Republicans have expressed strong opposition to Becerra due to his inadequate qualifications.

Rather than reporting vital information to the American people about future heads of government, Phillip continued the narration and hit the Trump administration: “These are all things that sat in a very similar position four years ago and put President Trump together in his cabinet practically voted none of this agreed with many of the people he had chosen for his cabinet. “

Co-host John Berman seemed determined not to honor Trump for responding to the pandemic: “And it’s just blatant. Yes, the President has a vaccination event at the White House, but I think more likely that yesterday he had an exposed event inside the White House that was a super-spreader site. I mean, you get a feel for the difference in intonation between the two men. “

Berman then threw another attack: “It’s infinitely outrageous when you try to overturn the election results, it’s infinitely more outrageous when you do, when 2,200 Americans are dying from a pandemic every day and you are not promoting safe ways to get by come it. “

There was nothing that caused these attacks on the President or relevant events to warrant discussion. It seems that CNN is determined to crush the president until he leaves office. On the other hand, they’ll likely support Biden for much longer.

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A copy of the December 8 reporting is included below:

New day
December 8th, 2020
8:49 ET

JOHN BERMAN: In a few hours, both President Trump and President-elect Joe Biden will be speaking about the coronavirus. These dueling events will really show the contrast of how they dealt with the pandemic. In all fairness, the President’s absence from the scene talking about the suffering in the country in recent days shows this contrast as well as anything. Let’s conclude with CNN correspondent Abby Phillip. Abby, good to see you. President-elect Biden will officially announce his health team today, with Javier Becerra, Attorney General of California, as director of health and human services. And it’s just awesome. Yes, the president has a vaccination event in the White House, but I think more tellingly that yesterday he had an exposed indoor event at the White House that was a super-spreader location. I mean, you get a feel for the difference in intonation between the two men.

ABBY PHILLIP: Absolutely. I don’t think we need to be surprised or guess what will happen today. We know President Trump is fixated on who is crediting the vaccine more than anything. More than just the problem of ensuring Americans that it is safe, that it is effective, that it is administered in a fair and equitable manner, and that there are enough of them. The president wants everyone to know that they think they deserve the vaccine to be launched in the first place, but that’s just one type of knowledge that – like many things about President Trump – is very intriguing self focused. I think if you look at the contrast here, not only does it create the stylistic contrast to the Biden government, but also pretty much every form of substance you can get. There are three main points that the Biden nominees all seem to have in common: they have experience with the subject they are selected for, they have experience in government, most of them, and they have experience with the principle as well. These are all things that four years ago, when we sat in a very similar position and watched President Trump put his cabinet together, practically none of those things applied to many of the people he chose for his cabinet. In many cases, he had never met any of the people he announced as executives. I think this contrast is pretty clear when you advance some of these higher positions within the Biden cabinet.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Abby, I’m interested in reporting that the President wants to credit the vaccine. Is that still an open debate? I mean, he deserves credit for following this quickly. Is anyone even debating it? And so you’re suggesting that because he’s fixated that he can’t be a comforter in the boss, he can’t talk about coronavirus, we can’t talk about home testing, and that we can’t figure out the contact somehow, and we can’t find out the contact tracing? I mean, by the time most Americans can be vaccinated, more than 100,000 more Americans are expected to die.

PHILLIP: Yeah, I mean, I think that’s exactly the point, Alisyn. There is no question that the role of the federal government in bringing this vaccine out has a role to play. The President deserves credit for that. The problem is that this is not the only thing that matters when more than 2,000 people die in this country every day. And the president, as John pointed out, continues to have these events, he had a massive rally where they didn’t even bother to put masks on people who were behind the president in Georgia over the weekend, he had repeated indoor Events the past few weeks. He will not speak to the American people about precautions they should take to protect themselves and their families. The vaccine is coming, but as everyone has said, a lot needs to be done right now in terms of leadership of the president to bridge the gap between where we are, with this extraordinary number of deaths and hospitalizations, and where we are The vaccine is actually being distributed to enough people in this country to provide protection.

BERMAN: There is currently no public evidence that he cares about the loss. We just didn’t hear it and we didn’t see it at all. I’m sorry we just didn’t.

PHILLIP: And he’s literally tweeting about anything but this huge crisis.

BERMAN: He’s trying to reverse the results of an election. There are two things that are outrageous. It is infinitely outrageous when you try to reverse the election results. It is infinitely outrageous to do this when 2,200 Americans are dying from a pandemic every day and you are not promoting safe ways to get around it. We see the results of the former there, the overthrow of the elections, you are starting to see the results that this is having across the country. We’re watching this tweet from the Republican Party in Arizona. It goes on. The Republican Party of Arizona posted a tweet here, a tweet from Rambo, from the movie Rambo, and it said that’s what we do who we are. Live for nothing or die for something and this is part of a series of tweets in which they talk about the #stopthesteal. They talk about the fight to overthrow the elections and they talk about violence. I’m sorry, they just are. This is the Republican Party of Arizona. That’s what we’ve come to do.

PHILLIP: It’s incredibly disruptive on several levels. Just the extent of the incitement that is happening across the country. The fact that ordinary people, and not just those elected officials like the Michigan Secretary of State, but just the Georgia polling officer you heard from Georgian election official Gabriel Sterling, talked about who found a noose outside his home. Real people who just do normal things to run an election are threatened – you know, kind of brought out and all of this is supported by the highest levels, including the president. But, you know, the amazing thing about all of this is that President Trump is so persistent that he won this election that he wants to have another four years in office but apparently wants to do very little of the actual work of the presidency. With many reports that he has retired from so many jobs, meetings have been limited to his fixation on the elections. It seems like the president doesn’t really want to do the job that he just wants to say he has.

BERMAN: Lindsey Graham called this a civil war. He should know better. That is sick. He lives in South Carolina. He knows what a civil war is to him, to equate this with a civil war, he knows better. Abby, thank you very much.

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