Does Kylie Jenner Feed Stormi Webster Junk Meals For Breakfast?

Is Kylie Jenner feeding her three-year-old daughter Stormi Webster junk food for breakfast? That is the question many people are asking themselves about an upcoming article in the March 22, 2021 issue of Life and Style Magazine. The tabloid reportedly spoke to several prominent nannies who were engaging in various gossipy goodies in families’ homes. According to the report, Stormi loves junk food and it has been quite a struggle getting her to eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

A source told the publication the following.

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Stormi is the cutest child and so good. It’s surprising because their bedtime is everywhere and their breakfasts are often full of junk food. Nannies cook healthy options like farm-fresh eggs or make organic oatmeal with fruit, but then someone in Kylie’s party brings a sugary donut or chocolaty granola and all healthy foods are lost.

Not everyone believes the report is true. Stormi Webster and her mom went viral in 2020 when Kylie filmed Stormi taking on the Patience or Candy Challenge. The video showed Kylie Jenner to be left alone with a bowl of sweets on the table. Kylie spoke to Stormi and asked her to wait patiently as she left the room and not to touch the candy. She told her daughter, who was two at the time, that she would be given a piece of candy when Kylie returned.

Stormi waited patiently and even sang herself a song about patience and exercising self-control. Because Stormi showed the world that she can exercise self-control, obey her mother, and do what she is told, many doubt that she only eats junk food for breakfast.

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You may see a video of Stormi Webster learning a lesson in patience below.

What do you think of the report? Do you think the report is true? Do you think Stormi Webster only eats junk food for breakfast?


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