Donald And Melania Trump Get Booed Whereas Attending Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Memorial

The President and First Lady of the United States were present at Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s memorial and paid their respects, but it turned out that most of the people didn’t want her there! That being said, Donald and Melania Trump were booed at the Supreme Court memorial, and attendees even sang to vote him out in relation to the upcoming presidential election.

The protests when they saw the presidential couple there were quite loud. The crowd was clearly angry at the presence of the controversial US leaders at the memorial of someone like the late Justice.

In response to the boos and chants, Trump simply stayed silent and did not react visibly.

In the video that captured the procession and also Trump, the POTUS can of course be seen wearing a mask, which he rarely does because he does not believe that it is necessary in this terrible health crisis.

He stands next to Justice Ginsburg’s coffin, which was covered with the American flag in her honor.

After about a minute, Donald and Melania finally turn around and leave.

Commenting on the crowd’s reaction to their presence, CNN White House reporter Kevin Liptak wrote on his Twitter account that it was a remarkable moment as “it is rare for this president to see his opposition up close and personal “.

As you may know, Justice Ginsburg was buried in the Supreme Court where she worked for no less than 27 years, which resulted in remarkable changes in women’s rights and much more!

Trump in court while the crowd “voted out” him – it is rare for this president to see his opposition up close and personal.

– Kevin Liptak (@ KevinLiptakcnn) September 24, 2020

When extraordinary justice was retired at the age of 87, it was honored with a ceremony by a female rabbi, and there was also a laudation from Chief Justice John Roberts.


Current and former court clerks stood in silence on the steps of the Supreme Court as the Supreme Court police carried their coffin.

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