Drake Mentions Kanye West In New Tune ‘Needs And Wants’ Main Followers To Assume What It Means

Drake and Kanye West

Roommate, it’s no secret that Drake and Kanye West have had a notoriously rocky relationship over the years, with constant back and forth along with subliminal thrusts – but Drizzy’s most recent name, Drop by Ye, has fans who believe the tide is turning could turn. Drake released a collection of new songs recently, but it’s the one he dumped Kanye West on in a seemingly positive way that rocked fans.

Despite a few missed release dates in the past few months, Drake finally dropped the new music his fans were waiting for in the form of a new EP titled “Scary Hours 2” that features three brand new tracks.

The set includes the tracks’ What’s Next ‘, Lemon Pepper Freestyle’ and ‘Wants And Needs’ – but the last song is what gets the most attention. In the song, Drake decided to mention Kanye West again, but instead of the shadow it had previously cast on Yeezy’s path, it seemed a positive bar this time around.

At the end of the first verse of the song, Drake taps the following line:

“Yes, I should probably connect with Yeezy, I need some Jesus. But once I started to confess my sins, he wouldn’t believe us. “

Kanye has not responded to Drake (and some assume he probably won’t) as he has not made any public statements through agents or on social media since losing the 2020 presidential election.

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