Dream Doll Calls It Quits With Bankroll Freddie (Breakups)

Bankroll Freddie dream doll

It was all cool just a few months ago. Dream Doll shocked everyone in January when she was seen in an Atlanta nightclub hugged by rapper Bankroll Freddie. Shortly after the discovery, The Shade Room Teens confirmed from a source that the two were officially an item and that everyone was there for it! However, recently, Dream and Freddie haven’t been spotted together, and fans found it interesting that he didn’t attend her P-Valley-themed birthday party in New Jersey or spend Valentine’s Day with her.

In the past few days, Dream has posted several tweets that also indicate a possible breakup. On Monday she tweeted, “I have no idea how much you love a person. Don’t let them treat you like a doll. When you get fucked by someone you are deeply in love with, you get so damn cold hearted. “Today Dream posted another tweet indicating that the relationship has ended. She tweeted, “My last relationship taught me that you might be at the wrong address with the whole package.”

We reached out to Dream directly to find out what was going on, and Dream has exclusively confirmed to us that she is indeed single and is no longer with Freddie. The rapper “Ah Ah Ah” claims the relationship wasn’t real. At this time, Freddie has not responded to Dream’s announcement, but the roommates have shown Dream a lot of support in the comments. One commented, “I feel bad about these celebrities. It’s like going into the relationship wholeheartedly, and it always ends with one using the other as clout. As if they never know whose real or whose they are using. “

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