How 535,000 Covid Deaths Spurred Political Awakenings Throughout America

Another organization, Marked by Covid – co-founder of Kristin Urquiza, who lost her father to the virus and spoke at the Democratic National Convention – has urged local and federal officials to set up an annual Covid Memorial Day, and recently a comprehensive political platform released . (Many members who regularly train lawyers are also pushing for guidelines separate from the platform.) Among other things, it calls for a “public health workforce” of a million people to perform tasks like tracing contacts a similar reimbursement program to the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund and a commission to review the government’s pandemic response.

Marked by Covid’s platform – which is impartial and has an advisory board made up of people affected by the virus, mostly women of skin color – also includes much more contentious proposals, such as a federal guarantee for jobs, general health and child care, medicine and students Debt relief and import ban on deforestation-related products. Ms. Urquiza said the idea is to address factors that make pandemics more likely and make Americans economically safe enough to survive crises.

“It’s really not just about making sure we’re responding to the most pressing parts that are right in front of our faces,” she said.

Covid Survivors for Change, also impartial, has no official platform, although the members who campaigned for Congress did so in support of President Biden’s stimulus package. The group has mainly focused on survivor training.

Several members said the virus pulled them into the political arena in ways that shocked them a year ago.

Janis Clark, 65, said her husband Ron Clark has always been politically active. “Whenever he saw politics, it was like, ‘Here comes the half-hour dissertation,'” she said with a laugh. “I would get nervous about PTA functions.”

Mr Clark died on April 23 after two weeks at home with a fever of 104 and over three weeks on a ventilator. He never found out that his daughter was pregnant.

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