Enhance Your Pay-Per-Click on Advert Conversion with the Proper Testing

Creating copywriting for your pay-per-click (PPC) ads can be daunting. After trying different copies and strategies for years, I’ve learned that there are some basic tests that need to be done to make sure that your copy is as effective as possible.

Over the years, I’ve found that personalization is essential if you want to make sure your PPC ads are effective. It’s important to create ad copy that will resonate with your end user. There are a handful of tests out there to help you achieve this:

Determine the persona

You have to know your audience. Who are you trying to reach For example, a young professional and a C-suite manager have completely different goals. The same ad text won’t work for both.

Different people have unique problems. While this is correct, the same product can solve both problems, but the way you present it is important. Once you know your audience, apply what you find to the ad text you’ve created. Address your audience directly. Take the time to figure out your audience’s weaknesses and challenges, then provide a summary of why your product is the solution.

Write meaningful descriptions and headlines

When it comes to headlines for PPC ads, the goal is to grab someone’s attention. You can add further details in descriptions.

To get attention with your headlines, make sure they are customized. Ask something, answer something, use customizations for a countdown, location, price, and more. When creating texts, take your target group into account and make optimal use of the 30 characters that you have in each of the three heading areas.

Make sure to test your headlines beyond the area where you should be placing the call-to-action (CTA). Consider using “you” and solving a problem. This will give your customer some confidence and security. The idea is to create a compelling stack of relevant headlines for someone searching for your product or service.

Know when to re-market your target audience

The way you talk to someone who has visited your landing page or interacted with your brand in any way needs to be different from other top of funnel tactics.

Now is the time to create a sense of urgency or use ad customizations. For example, if you want someone to sign up for an upcoming webinar, use the countdown timer. Are you planning to use dynamic remarketing on Facebook for articles? If so, use the phrase “finish what you started” in your ads.

Sharing multiple platforms will work just fine for you. Your goal here should be to remind someone why they visited your website while they are browsing a social media feed. This type of strategy can be extremely effective. The key is to make sure you are using ad copy that is designed for these previous visitors.

If you want to improve your ad copy, the best way to access it is to test different tactics. Remember, just because something worked today doesn’t mean it will be effective next month. Make sure to constantly test your ads to make sure they continue to produce the results you want.

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