EPIC! Watch Lou Dobbs BERATE Younger FOX Information Hack on Reside TV After He Minimized and Mocked GOP Listening to in Pennsylvania (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Republicans held a live press conference on national television with multiple witnesses witnessing the overt and endemic electoral fraud in this year’s Keystone State presidential election.

On Wednesday evening, Lou Dobbs conducted parts of the explosive hearing on all of the state’s electoral fraud.

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The Gateway Pundit made several posts on the shocking testimony.

Later tonight, Gateway Pundit released this stunning reveal!

TRENDING: Audible gasps and laughter from the crowd and panel at the hearing in PA when the witness says that “Spikes” voted 600,000 for Biden and 3,200 for Trump (VIDEO)

Giuliani points out major problem with mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania: only 1.8 mail-in ballots were sent – but 2.5 million were counted (VIDEO)

But today, after Lou Dobbs introduced the FOX News segment, reporter David Spunt delivered a completely biased piece about today’s events

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Spunt completely minimized the explosive hearing, insisted that Trump supporters sing “2024,” which is totally unlikely, and then said the state’s voices had already been confirmed by Governor Wolf.
Spunt is part of NEW FOX News – the new liberal network that Trump hates.

After the Spunts ad, Lou Dobbs berated the young Hack on live television.

Never change yourself Lou Dobbs!

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