Erika Jayne Allegedly Discovering Out About Tom Girardi Case By way of The Press — RHOBH Star ‘Carried out’ Defending Him And Will Tackle Divorce On Present

Erika Jayne could go down with her once rich husband. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is set to protect her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Just weeks after it was learned that Erika filed for divorce, it was revealed that Tom Girardi is being sued for his part in using cash bills from families of plane crash victims to finance his own lifestyle.

It was then said that Erika and Tom’s breakup was actually an attempt to embezzle money because Girardi fell apart.

It turns out that Tom is so deeply in debt that he couldn’t do a payroll for his office. The attorneys representing the eighty-year-old also claim that he may have been out of his mind when the seedy deal went down – although he sounded good on posted voicemails.

Articles obtained through multiple publications listed Erika as the “secretary” of one of his companies, which could get her into great trouble.

In a new report, Jayne was allegedly blind to how deeply her husband was in trouble and finds out details through the press before her lawyers can even contact her. She is also devastated that he allegedly cheated on her.

Erika has made it a habit to keep her marriage out of focus RHOBH But now that the show is being filmed, it mentions everything.

‘Erika will be looking into her divorce in the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Legally, she is only allowed to say so much, but she was advised on what to get out of there. The audience will finally hear the thoughts of the other housewives about the divorce of Erika and Tom. She will tell her story and she will not hold back. In the past when they were filming, Erika was protecting Tom at all costs, but this time it will be different, ”a source told US Weekly.


Do you think Jayne will really find out what she’s going through on camera?

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