Ex-HBO Exec Nancy Lesser Settles Emmy Fall Lawsuit In opposition to ABC, ATAS – .

UPDATED with latest: Former HBO executive Nancy Lesser has settled her lawsuit because the producers of the 2016 Emmy Awards show at the Microsoft Theater and other parties were responsible for serious injuries sustained after falling near the red carpet.

Lesser, the former executive vice president of media and talent at HBO, left Kabler in October 2019. Her attorney filed court files with Los Angeles Supreme Court Justice Armen Tamzarian on May 4 and subsequently called for the case to be dismissed to the resolution. No conditions were disclosed.

Lesser filed a lawsuit against 28 Awards Productions Inc., ABC Inc., the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, LA Live Theater LLC, and LA Live Properties Inc. in November 2017. Lesser also sued the City of Los Angeles, but later dismissed the company as a defendant .

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Lesser said she fell on September 18, 2016 when she left the Microsoft Theater on a crowded sidewalk after the Emmys show to go to the HBO after-party, which she was accused of setting up, and instead ended up in an emergency was room at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

According to her court records, she stumbled upon one of several muddy patches of trees lining an edge of the red carpet that, due to the circumstances, she never saw. She said she fell backwards, landed on her right hip and broke her pelvis. She said she missed time from work while it took her eight months to recover.

Her lawyer and brother Jeff Lesser previously said that it was difficult for his sister to move through the large crowd. He also said the lighting was poor and that safer conditions should have existed for the people who walk.

BEFORE in November 2017: Anyone who knows Nancy Lesser knows that HBO’s EVP for media and talent rarely goes wrong. However, as a more than $ 1 million lawsuit filed yesterday makes it clear, that literally wasn’t the case on the night of the 2016 Emmys when the executive suffered a major fall outside the Microsoft Theater that left them with a broken pelvis and other injuries.

In an injury and negligence lawsuit in the LA Supreme Court, Lesser wants the TV Academy, the City of Los Angeles and Anshultz Entertainment Group to pay for the “dangerous condition” they caused on the red carpet, which occurred on Venue gets off.

“On September 18, 2016, around 8:40 pm, when Plaintiff Lesser and her colleagues left the Microsoft Theater, which led to the Governor’s Ball and Gilbert Lindsay Plaza, and outside the Microsoft Theater, in a large crowd, the Plaintiff caused to trip or slip and fall by stepping into a cut of dirt in the concrete that was not visible to her or to anyone in the crowd walking from the Microsoft Theater. Stepping into the dirt in the cutout in the concrete caused the plaintiff to fall straight back, landing on her right hip, and in the process sustaining at least three pelvic fractures, a possible coccyx fracture, and other injuries, all directly on the sudden relapse directly on the concrete, ”he tells The 15-page Complaint, which details how a very ailing lesser was unemployed for eight months, spent months recovering, and received over $ 1 million in medical bills Dollars (read here).

“Those concrete cuttings of dirt and trees, the poor lighting of the area, and the creation of a crowd to clutter the sidewalk on which the participants relied were each a dangerous condition created by the defendants and each one for themselves and together. resulted in a plaintiff accident, ”adds Encino attorney Jeff A Lesser filing.

As those of us who know the always well-put together Lesser can tell, this situation, which she was initially in for two weeks at Cedars Sinai, was a real blow, also because of the work she put into putting the Emmy party together The night of the premium cable was a year ago and a bit ago. The legal move also comes after the city of LA rejected the lawsuit that Lesser filed with the metropolis on August 1 of this year.

In this complaint, the savvy leader also makes sure that they have greater leeway to keep moving forward. “As a direct and immediate consequence of the negligence of the defendants and each of them, the plaintiff suffered further damage through loss of income and income, since after the accident she was unable to fulfill the duties and responsibilities required by her nature for almost a year As executive vice president of media and talent relations at HBO, the plaintiff is currently not aware of the exact amount. He therefore reserves the right to amend this complaint if this is found, ”the filing states.

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The TV Academy did not respond to .’s request for comment on the complaint.

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