First Look At Masika Kalysha & Jamar Champ’s Engagement Celebration (Unique Images)

Masika Kalysha is now engaged and is clearly in bliss. She and her fiancé Jamar Champ celebrated their engagement with a party in Houston, TX. It was indeed a family affair to put everyone on the carpet as Masika, Jamar, and their daughter Khari all posed for the cameras.

The ’90s R&B group H-Town was in attendance as they serenaded the crowd. Masika gave a speech about how wonderful Khari is to a stepfather Jamar and how grateful she is.

Jamar also gave Khari a new ring and put it on a necklace and put it around her neck.

Just last week, Masika confirmed their engagement after rumors surfaced when she featured a beautiful ring on her IG stories. She revealed that the two had been together for four months when Jamar asked to marry her.

Masika wrote:

“I met my fiancé 10 years ago. Bent it for 97% of those 10 years. Together for 4 months. He asked me to marry him 4 days ago. Last night I asked him what made you so sure after only 4 months of dating. He said I knew 10 years ago, the day I met you, that I was going to marry you. “

Later, as she stepped into the shadow room, she added, “The moral of the story… it doesn’t take long for a man to know if you are who he wants to spend his life with. I didn’t mean to “bend” him like I was ignoring the man. We were cool for 10 years before he did this to me. I thought I was a friend zoning it. Little did I know he actually allowed me to believe I was in control, all the while he was preparing and cleaning me because if we jumped when we first met we would have screwed it up forever. “

Congratulations to the lovely couple.

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