Former HGTV ‘Windy Metropolis Rehab’ Costar Donovan Eckhardt Recordsdata Defamation Swimsuit – .

Donovan Eckhardt, who starred with Alison Victoria on HGTV’s hit reality hit Windy City Rehab, has filed a libel and emotional distress lawsuit based on his portrayal on the show’s second season.

Filing requests that Discovery Inc. and Big Table Media grant Eckhardt more than $ 2.2 million in actual, punitive, and compensatory damages for “defamation” and “intentional infliction of emotional stress.”

Eckhardt had an argument with Alison Victoria Gramenos over work on several projects and was presented as the reason for several legal actions by the former business partners. The second season of the series focused on Gramenos’ attempts to deal with the consequences of these actions and pointed a finger at Eckhardt.

Discovery Inc. (the parent company of HGTV), Big Table Media (the producers of Windy City Rehab) were named in the Eckhardt suit, but Gramenos were not. The lawsuit claims the script series was designed to make Eckhardt the bad guy in the partnership, with Gramenos as the victim.

In the lawsuit filed Monday in the Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois against Discovery Inc. (parent company of HGTV) and Big Table Media (production company of Windy City Rehab), Eckhardt – Victoria’s former business partner and contractor and developer on the show – explains his side of the Story and claims the series was written and edited to make him look like the bad guy and Victoria, 39, the victim.

Eckhardt left Windy City Rehab in the middle of the second season. The business partners had previously endured work interruption orders from the city of Chicago and threats to suspend Eckhardt’s contractual licenses. They have also been named in two court cases alleging bad work.

In the lawsuit, Eckhardt specifically denied allegations of the misuse and theft of corporate finances. He also blamed a hectic production schedule under pressure from Big Table Media for many of the work stoppage orders, construction issues, permit issues, and other legal issues.

Eckhardt claimed he was turned into a fall man and was portrayed as the “villain and the cause” and “Alison as the ignorant, innocent victim of all the problems Alison allegedly encountered in season 2, as well as Alison’s alleged financial ruin”.

“Donovan has suffered emotional injuries, including anxiety, depression, decreased self-esteem, insomnia, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating and embarrassment. He received ongoing counseling and behavioral treatment,” the lawsuit said.

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