Hollywood Congratulates Itself at Golden Globes: ‘Artwork Has Led the Method’

The 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards aired on NBC on Sunday night. Presenters Tina Fey and Amy Poehler signaled in advance that this year’s production would likely be free of politics. Some of the stars who received awards didn’t need to have received this memo.

Actor Mark Ruffalo went on one of his usual liberal awareness riffs about “dying” from Mother Nature after winning a Best Actor award.

Aaron Sorkin won Best Screenplay for a Film for The Trial of the Chicago 7, which depicts the aftermath of the violent 1968 Democratic Convention. During his acceptance speech, Sorkin quoted left-wing Chicago riot Abbie Hoffman as he gave his opinion on the January 6th riots at the Capitol and the collapse of democracy.

Sorkin: Netflix saved our lives and brought us together with the team of very talented people who love the movie on one last thing while we were shooting. Every night after graduation, when I got back to the hotel room, there was an email from Sacha with a quote from Abbie Hoffman, none of them made it a film, and I saved the email. I don’t always agree with everything the characters I write, do or say. Here is something I have to say. “Democracy is not something you believe in or something you can hang your hat on. But it is something you participate in. If you stop doing it, democracy crumbles.” I don’t need any more evidence than January 6th to agree with this.

Norman Lear received the Carol Burnett Award for Lifetime Achievement on TV, and left-wing comedian Wanda Sykes raved during the tribute, “His comedy woke America before it was a thing to be woken.”

Actress Rosamund Pike was named Best Actress in a Film for I Care a Lot. She happened to be referring to Rudy Giuliani and America’s “broken legal system”. When she accepted her award, she said, “In my film, I had to float up from a sinking car. I think I’d still rather do that than have been in the same room with Rudy Giuliani, “refers to another nominated actress’ scene with Giuliani in the sequel to Borat.

Jane Fonda received the Cecil B. DeMille Award, with a focus on her liberal political activism. Hollywood loves Hanoi Jane. She’s been picking up clues about her climate alarmism, as Newsbusters previously noted – she’s one Fan of the Green New Deal, wants to end fossil fuels and began Fire Drill Friday protests. Here are parts of her Globes tribute, as well as her speech calling for a bigger tent in Hollywood and saying, “Art has always not only been in tune with history, it has paved the way”:

Sacha Baron Cohen won for Best Musical or Best Comedy for Borat Subsequent Movie Film. He thanked Rudy Giuliani. He likes to believe that his film helped defeat Trump. In fact, he has repeatedly said that this is why he made the film.

Cohen: Thanks to the all-white Hollywood Foreign Press. I would say this film would not have been possible without my co-star. I’m talking about Rudy Giuliani, a new talent who came out of nowhere and turned out to be a comedy genius. It’s incredible. Rudy starred in a number of comedy films. Hair dye of the day and the courtroom drama A Very Public Path, the sensation was Maria Bakalova. Many thanks to my colleagues and Nina, the director, Jason Wallener, my mother and Richard. I want to thank my crew who were incredibly brave and ran the risk of being arrested We all believed so firmly in releasing this film before the elections to highlight the dangers of lies, hatred and conspiracies, as well as the power of truth, compassion and democracy.

Then, when Cohen won for Best Actor Performance in a Film Musical or Comedy, he mentioned that the call that came on his phone was Donald Trump. “Wait a minute, Donald Trump denies the result. He claimed that many dead voted, which is very rude to say about the HFPA. “

There was some evidence of recent news that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had run out of black members in 20 years. Fey and Poehler tried to make an awkward joke admonishing the group and 3 HFPA members pledged to “make sure everyone from all underrepresented communities got a seat at our table” saying they “look forward to a more inclusive future “. Hollywood loves to spoil the rest of America for racism / sexism / homophobia etc, but over the years it has become increasingly clear that this is just a projection.

This year’s ceremony did not include a celebrity live audience. Instead, first aiders and key employees received tickets for the socially distant bi-coastal event. There was no red carpet before the ceremony. The whole evening could have been worse, but it just goes to show that the Hollywood elite can’t turn it off even if politics gets discouraged.

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