‘Hope They’re Not Looting The Place’: CNN Smears Trump Aide with Lincoln Bust

Talk about literally kicking people out the door on their way. . .

CNN’s nasty little parting gift for White House members from President Trump was to suggest that they could be thieves. On the new day this morning, co-host Alisyn Camerota was annoyed when footage of an adjutant with a Lincoln bust rolled out the door. “I hope you don’t escape with the bust. I hope that was yours.”

And when the video showed the wife of Chief of Staff Mark Meadows carrying a stuffed pheasant to a vehicle, Camerota sniffed: “I don’t know where she got to [it]. “

CNN political scientist Errol Louis brought an angry coda into the discussion, annoying, “certainly one hopes they don’t loot the place.”

Question: Does anyone remember that during the riots in 2020 when property was actually stolen, CNN was so concerned about looting?

Someone needed a “fact-checking” from Daniel Dale. Yashar Ali, a journalist and former advisor to Gavin Newsom, tweeted here and here about the items carried, undermining CNN’s suggestion that they were stolen:

“Items loaned to the White House by various federally controlled museums are always returned at the end of such tenure. The Bidens select their favorite items to borrow from museums, and those items are installed before they arrive.

“Plus, we don’t even know what bust it is. There are many parts that aren’t particularly valuable and don’t require excessive handling practices. The White House curator oversees a collection of more than 60,000 items. I’ll point this out to curators too.” work for several administrations. “

Note: The segment started with co-host John Berman, who mentioned that instead of “going back to Mar-a-Lago”, President Trump wants a farewell party [with] loud, cheering people on the South Lawn. “

In response, Camerota, apparently in a particularly bad mood this morning, scoffed:

“Oh, oh yes. I mean When he leaves there will be a loud, cheering crowd: the 80 million people who voted for Joe Biden. ”

CNN suggested that President Trump’s employees could be thieves who “ransacked” the White House and was sponsored in part by Lincoln, Atlantis and Hello Fresh

Here is the transcript.

New day
6:36 ET

JOHN BERMAN: The President had planned to leave Washington on January 19th and return to Mar-a-Lago to avoid the inauguration. Now he wants to wait until the morning of the 20th and he wants a farewell party. He wants loud, cheering people on the South Lawn.

. . .

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Oh, oh yeah. I mean, There will be a loud, cheering crowd when he leaves, Errol: the 80 million people who voted for Joe Biden

But it’s so interesting to see what the president wants and what the people around him need to do, which is to move out. And we have some pictures of them, for example a Lincoln bust from the White House of the waiting car. Oh, actually there is a video. Okay they are – I hope – I hope they don’t escape with the bust. I hope it was herswhen they brought it in there.

But here’s an interesting one. This is Mark Meadow’s wife, Debbie Meadows, bringing a taxidermy pheasant to her car. Let me show you

BERMAN: Are you suggesting it should be a live pheasant?

CAMEROTA: I don’t know what to propose.

BERMAN: [inaudible] be stuffed ?!

CAMEROTA: I don’t even know what. I don’t know where she got the taxidermized pheasant from. But I just find it interesting that everyone around the president is doing this, Errol.

BERMAN: It’s not over until the President leaves, as they say.

ERROL LOUIS: Well, it’s clearly over. And surely one hopes they don’t pillage the place.

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