Plies Reveals His New Smile After Burying His Notorious Gold Enamel


Plies has been a TSR zaddy since the days of Buss It Baby, but part of his attraction has always been in his golden teeth! The infamous gold grill from Plies was a staple in his look as far as we can remember, but it looks like he’s had a change of heart for 2021.

Plies went to the Gramm on Thursday to tell the world that he removed his golden teeth and even held a memorial service for them. With a kitchen spoon he buried his old dependents right in his own backyard.

“Let’s all bow our heads,” he said during the service. “Heavenly Father for giving me those golden teeth. Made lots of money with them and ate some of the best nookies this world has ever seen. But moving forward is a different me. I don’t know what Imma is doing. The golden teeth are finally buried. “

Well, just a day later, Plies surprised us with a whole new smile and he really does look like a brand new man!

“I just showed my mother my new smile. She hugged me, started crying and said, “I finally got my baby back,” he signed the photo. “One of the proudest moments of my life, 2021, could become a full-time brand ambassador with this new smile. No coochie ate with it. It took me so long to post this picture because I was shy. Ladies how did I do it? “

Do you feel the new pearly whites on Plies, roommate? Let us know in the comments!

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