Houston-Space Residents Ordered Not To Use Water Due To Attainable Lethal Mind-Consuming Microbe

This year has been full of not-so-pleasant surprises, and it’s up to a city near Houston to get one.

On Saturday, the Lake Jackson, TX community was told they could no longer use their tap water because it was potentially contaminated with a deadly brain-eating microbe.

This restriction comes after the Texan Environmental Quality Commission reportedly warned the Brazosport Water Authority of the possible contamination of their water supplies by Naegleria fowleri.

“The agency initially warned eight municipalities against using tap water for any reason other than flushing toilets. However, on Saturday she lifted that warning for everyone but Lake Jackson. The authority’s water treatment plant is located in the city with more than 27,000 inhabitants. The appraisal was also canceled for two state prisons and Dow Chemical’s massive Freeport operations, ”NBC reported.

Eight communities were initially warned not to use tap water for any reason other than to flush toilets.

The notice will persist until the water system has been thoroughly flushed and tests confirm that it is safe to use the water again.

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