How George Soros is Making an attempt to Lock up Populist Chief Matteo Salvini for Defending Italy’s Borders

Last Saturday, October 3rd, former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini was tried in Catania, Sicily, for alleged “kidnapping”, despite the prosecutor describing the case as “unfounded”.

Gateway Pundit reveals how leftist NGOs backed by George Soros and the EU are trying to imprison the leader of Italy’s leading opposition party.

In July 2019, the Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini refused to let 116 illegal migrants ashore in front of the coast guard ship “Bruno Gregoretti” in Catania until other European countries agreed to accept the illegal foreigners (Italian: “Clandestini”).

The Italian Interior Minister Salvini rejects the NGO’s taxi ship from 629 migrants who were picked up off the Libyan coast

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For this crime, Matteo Salvini was tried on Saturday for “kidnapping”, which could earn him a 15-year prison term, although Salvini technically enjoyed immunity from prosecution as a MP.

That July, his political enemies voted to lift his immunity – a dangerous precedent for any politician in a position of power.

As reported by Il Giornale, the public prosecutor in Catania considers the case to be “unfounded”. Sending an interior minister to prison to protect his country’s borders would certainly be unprecedented in legal history.

Salvini was confident on Saturday, with the support of his political rivals Giorgia Meloni (Fratelli d’Italia) and Antonio Tajani (Forza Italia) in Catania. A majority of Italians support Salvini’s law and order stance when it comes to illegal migration, Lorenzo Pregliasco reports on YouTrend.

What few people know, however, is that the Salvini case is not being pressured by the Sicilian prosecutor or the “kidnapped” migrants, but by left-wing NGOs funded by the EU and the George Soros Open Society Foundations, such as Il Giornale reports.

The only plaintiffs supporting the case of 116 illegal migrants are Nigerian couple Jafra and Aishat Saha, who had to wait 20 hours in the port of Catania to disembark in Europe while pregnant.

The case is actually brought in by NGOs belonging to the left-wing Italian “Community Organizers”. ARCI, Associazione Ricreativa e Culturale Italiana, which runs youth, cultural and community centers across Italy as well as its allies in the environmental NGO Legambiente. Both organizations are closely linked to the ruling left PD party. Legambiente President Gianfranco Zanna was a member of the Communist Youth PCI. “The only plaintiffs in this case are civil society organizations,” boasted Legambiente lawyer Daniela Ciancimino.

While Legambiente claims to be an environmental organization, migration is also on the agenda, as the group explains. “Why do we care about migrants? We have always been concerned about the environment, and people are part of this environment, regardless of their passport, because we have been practicing human ecology for 39 years, which Pope Francis also supports, ”explained Legambiente.

As the main organization of the Italian left (Sinistra Italiana) ARCI has over a million members and is closely associated with the ruling PD and the Open Society Network in Italy. Arci works closely with the Italian NGO “Mediterraneo – Saving Humans” to bring illegal migrants to Europe.

Lawfare NGOs funded by Soros such as ASGI (Association for Legal Studies on Immigration), A Buon Diritto and CILD (Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights) have been fighting for years in Italian and EU courts for a policy without borders, including the groundbreaking case 2012 “Hirsi Jamaa et al. Italy ”, which effectively prevented the EU states from protecting their borders.

In 2018, ASGI, together with ARCI and the Global Legal Action Network (GLAN), filed a lawsuit with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in the “GLAN-ASGI” case in order to further criminalize border protection. In February 2020, the European Center for Law and Justice (ECLJ) of conservative US activist Jay Sekulow documented the massive influence of Open Society Foundations on the ECHR, as Gateway Pundit reported.

– In 2018, ASGI received $ 385,715 from Open Society, according to their website
– In 2016, CILD received $ 575,000 from the Open Society, according to its website
– ARCI received $ 1,700 in 2016, $ 61,840 in 2017, and $ 149,760 in 2018 from Open Society

According to the EU Financial Transparency System (FTS), ARCI and its subsidiaries such as ArciGay and the cultural organization ARCI Strauss received at least in 2015-2019 3,409,206 direct funding from the EU (2015: € 194,324; 2016: € 135,311; 2017: € 874,252; 2018: € 1,238,031; 2019: € ​​967,298).

In other words, the charges against Matteo Salvini are being brought by NGOs funded by the Open Society and the EU taxpayer Euro.

EU budget rapporteur 2019 MEP Joachim Kuhs (AfD) told Gateway Pundit: “For a left-wing NGO that is closely associated with the current government to file criminal charges against the previous government for protecting the borders of their country, which the EU has Funded and Open Society, every thinking person who loves our democracy must outrage. Taxpayers’ euros may not be used to finance political hit jobs. The EU must immediately stop all funding for partisan, politically motivated NGOs. “

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