James Kennedy Says Jax Taylor Has What It Takes To Be An ‘Superb Father’

Jax Taylor is reportedly preparing to be a dad and his Vanderpump Rules co-star James Kennedy believes Jax will be a great dad. The DJ said on page 6 this week that he would be an “amazing” dad, and he believed it with all his heart.

As most people know, Taylor, 41, and Brittany Cartwright are currently expecting a baby. coincidentally around the same time as Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark, and Lala Kent and Randall Emmett. The 28-year-old reality star said it was “amazing” to see everyone on the show take their relationships to the next level.

Regarding his own friendship with Taylor, Kennedy said he and Jax managed to improve things because of his sobriety. Things have been fine between them since he stopped drinking.

Kennedy says he has had a lot more time to focus on the positive things in his life and that he no longer needs to start feuds with anyone. Back in July, Kennedy announced that he had been sober for a year.

The reality star said it was easily one of the best decisions he’s ever made in his life, and he doesn’t miss it at all. For many, the coronavirus pandemic has been tough on them, but Kennedy says it actually helped him keep his life on track.

Apparently things are going very well for James, who says every single day feels like a “blessing”. Many people report an increase in productivity after giving up a debilitating drug problem, which Kennedy certainly did too.

The DJ claims he just released his first official remix through a record label. Every morning he wakes up full of energy and is not hungover. It’s a lot easier for him to make music and do the things that he enjoy.


Kennedy claims that his main priorities were hanging out with his girlfriend Raquel Leviss, making music, and eating good food.

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