Jayda Cheaves & Ari Fletcher Noticed Kicking It Collectively At Lil Child’s Birthday Celebration (Video)

While Lil Baby was only gifted with iced jewelry and a car at his birthday party, his boo Jayda Cheaves and Ari Fletcher seem to calm rumors as the two made a cute little toast for the night.

After months of rumors that the two were no longer friends, it looks like Jayda and Ari’s friendship is doing well.

Posted while Lil Baby was receiving a Bentley from QC, the two ladies were in the background chopping it up and sipping a small drink. When the ladies were in their zone, they nudged each other and continued their night.

If you remember, people thought the two were no longer friends because Jayda hadn’t attended Ari’s birthday party earlier this year.

In an exclusive interview with The Shade Room, Jayda informed us that she was absent because she was in quarantine to be safe during the pandemic after attending a hosting on July 4th. At the time, she also stated that she did not attend any major events.

Jayda also told us that despite some people’s opinion at the time, she didn’t notice any beef between her and Ari.

If you remember, the two became friends because they shared the same hairdresser, Arrogant Tae. The ladies were in photo shoots together and also hosted some events together.

Good to see that everything is love!

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