Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez’s Friends Reportedly Not Shocked By Their Cut up – Right here’s Why They Noticed It Coming!

Fans on social media were shocked to hear about it Jennifer Lopez and Alex RodriguezSeparated after four years together and two years after he proposed. However, a new insider claims to know the same cannot be said of his close friends.

That’s true! A source shared on HollywoodLife that the couple’s friends weren’t at all surprised to hear they broke their engagement, and here’s why!

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“Friends couldn’t help but see that something was wrong with Jen and Alex’s relationship. They had spent more time apart and he had traveled more to work. Their chemistry just wasn’t the same. It seems like this has been a long time in the works. ‘

Sure enough, the insider also noted that the stars had postponed their wedding twice before!

It was because of the pandemic, of course, but J.Lo. previously suggested that getting married wasn’t something they were forced to do too quickly or never at all!

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“Even though Jen had postponed the wedding twice because of COVID, she had announced that she and Alex were previously married and that this was not something they were forced to do now, or perhaps ever. They weren’t in a great rush to get married, and over time it wasn’t a priority for them as it was originally, ”the source shared through the same outlet.

Sure enough, in December, Jennifer told Access Hollywood that a wedding was not a “high priority” and that they would even “let go of it for a second.”


The source pointed out that even though they are no longer a couple and yet they will not walk down the aisle, the “amazing memories” the two stars shared during their relationship will never be forgotten. With that said, it sounds like they are still getting along well.

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