Kandi Burruss Posts A New Communicate On It’ Episode

Kandi Burruss shared a new Speak On It episode on their YouTube channel. Check out the post she shared below.

‘Have a beautiful Sunday! If you’re not on the go, head over to #KandiOnline and check out #SpeakOnIt before #RHOA hits tonight! 🗣 ‘Kandi has given her post a title.

Someone said, “Get Porsha to talk about it instead of your henchmen,” and another follower said, “Kandi, I like you. But deep down in your heart you don’t like Porsha. ‘

One commenter wrote: ‘Talk about it: PORSHA EDITION! Of course without Porsha lolol ”, and another follower said:“ We want to talk to Porsha or Bolo about it, come on !! 🔥🔥 ‘

One commenter wrote: “You can do a virtual one with Porsha if there is a problem with the person behind the camera.”

One fan said: “Only when KENYA comes by does it get high ratings, because KENYA is the queen.”

Kandi Burruss talked about being kidnapped in a recent video she shared on social media. Check out the post she put on IG below.

‘Word for today! You don’t have to be caught to tie! 🤣 @ todd167 & @taetv ‘Kandi has given her post a title.

Earlier, Kandi Burruss impressed her fans with some pictures with her grandmother. Check out the photos that made her follower emotional below.

‘#TBT Grandma Edition! Here’s @ mamajoyce1_, lovingly known as a memo with her grandchildren @rileyburruss, @acetucker & @blazetucker, ‘said Kandi.

In other news, Kandi Burruss just invited Kenya moors to be part of their series called Speak on It. Check out the clip she shared on her IG account.


Kandi lives her best life these days and her fans are very happy for her. Stay tuned to learn more about them and their family.

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