Kandi Burruss To Star In The Film ‘Envy: A Lethal Sins Saga’

Kandi Burruss managed to excite her fans when she announced that she would star in a movie called “Envy: A Deadly Sins Saga”. Check out the message she shared on her social media account.

‘Glad to see you #Envy! Thank you @bishopjakes, #DerrickWilliams, @swirlfilmsig @lifetimetv and everyone responsible for giving me the opportunity to be part of this amazing movie / saga! Be sure to see at 8pm on April 24th! ‘Kandi has given her post a title.

Someone said, ‘You better book the roles! Congratulation!’ and another follower said, “When do you have time for all this work … I can barely show up on my part-time.”

Todd Tucker jumped into the comments and said, ‘Great job baby! Keep working hard on your goals! Inspire and motivate others! ‘

One follower said, “Loved doing magic with you! Such a great line-up. ‘

Another commenter wrote: ‘Nene’s head is going to explode! Congratulations!’ and another follower said, ‘Favorite housewife in every franchise. You definitely motivate people. Keep up the good work. ‘

Someone else said: ‘@kandi is the reason NeeNee Leaks is crazy, a small group of bombshell ATL ladies drove a lot of people crazy or jealous, but you keep going if you ain’t gone name yours Friends / sisters who know who you are Keep going boss moves and keeping the haters in their feelings of ❤ ‘

One follower said, “Yasssssss”, keep looking at the US … you can’t tell me we’re not the chosen few … all of our ancestors have been through and we are still going through … but I’m proud of my people … all we want to do is laugh live, make money, eat good food and enjoy each other ❤️ ‘

One commenter said, “I also try to get my hands on as many things as you” greet “.”

In other news, Kandi Burruss celebrates the birthday of her little girl Reign Rushing. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.


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