Kate Chastain Talks Presumably Coming Again To ‘Beneath Deck’ And Extra Throughout New Interview!

While Kate Chastain is no longer a co-host of ‘Under deck Galley Talk ‘is she interested in ever coming back or not? The star revealed this and more in a new interview!

Fans were sad to see Kate Chastain leave her favorite show, but now it sounds like they might watch her again on Below Deck.

It did so after she announced her exit in February 2020, which shocked the show’s audience.

But even when she announced her departure after years as part of Below Deck, she assured everyone that it would definitely not be the last ones they would see on their little screens!

Now she is the co-host of two talk shows that fans were very happy about.

But what about the show that made it famous? During a new interview for HollywoodLife, Kate teased that we might see her below deck at some point!

After revealing that she’s now tuned into the show as a viewer, and that it’s not at all strange to see her while she’s no longer part of the cast, the news agency asked her, “Do you think there is any way to do this? Do you have a guest ‘

In response, Kate said, “Yeah, you know what? After this past year, I miss traveling so much and I’m ready for it. And when I saw this season of Below Deck on Galley Talk, I really missed the fact that the Caribbean waters looked beautiful. I’m sure I’m ready for a vacation here in 2021. ‘

“So can we see you appear on the other side of the dock?” The site kept asking, asking Kate to confirm that, ‘Yeah! Yes! Receiving missile ships instead of giving them. ‘


She also talked about who she thinks hot this season of Below Deck and more! Check out the entire interview to find out what she has to say!

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