Kelly Clarkson And Serena Williams Focus on Physique-Positivity And Why They At all times Stand Up To Physique-Shamers!

While on the Kelly Clarkson Show, the hostess and her last guest, Serena Williams, discussed body embarrassment and why they always oppose such rude people! Here’s what they had to say!

“I’ve always had to stand up for myself with my body image in public, and I love that you always have [as well]. You are so body positive, “said the singer to the tennis champion.

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In response, Williams also raved about Clarkson, praising her for often clapping body shamers in the best possible way.

“I love that you always did. It’s so cool Once I remember that you attacked someone. I loved you for it, ”Williams said to the other woman.

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Clarkson wondered if she was talking about the “British chick,” referring to something that happened a few years ago (2015) when a British television personality mockingly wondered if the star had eaten “all of her backing singers.” ! Ouch!

Kelly later spoke to Heat Magazine about the incident and said, “She doesn’t know me. I’m great! It does not bother me.’

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Clarkson told Williams that her attitude at the time was that she didn’t have time for “you across the pond” as she had more than enough people who hated her in her own country!

In other words, she just couldn’t deal with any more body embarrassment from international sources.

The singer also explained why she speaks publicly about such matters at every opportunity.

Aside from the fact that body embarrassment is rude, of course she really bothers: “Other women and little girls look out there and they’re bigger than me and they go.” If you think she is like that, what does it matter? World think of me “

Clarkson mentioned how much these kinds of words on social media can affect the psyche of women and little girls out there, and how much they can destroy their self-esteem.

Because of this, she vowed to talk about body embarrassment every time she ran into it!


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