Khloe Kardashian Trolls Tristan Thompson About His Previous Dishonest

Looks like Khloe Kardashian forgave, but she doesn’t forget! In a new episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Khloe made sure Tristan didn’t forget his past infidelities.

The episode was actually shot a few months ago when Khloe and Tristan were banned like the rest of us. The gag is that Khloe and her ex-Boo were banned along with their 2-year-old daughter True.

While it’s no secret that the former lovers have now rekindled their flame (they were definitely an item this past Halloween with their family costume on), at the time of filming, Khloe claimed that Tristan was in a co-parenting only in her life Role.

There was a point where Khloe literally had to be quarantined herself because she was diagnosed with coronavirus. While locked in her bedroom, Tristan approached her daughter and brought her food.

While in quarantine, Khloe joked about her loneliness and put glasses on a pillow that she referred to as “quarantine.”

She FaceTimed Tristan, with Miss Quarantina by her side, and he joked that the character reminded him of the 2000 movie “Castaway” with Tom Hanks.

In the film, Hanks draws a face on a volleyball and calls it “Wilson” while stranded alone on an island.

“This is Tina!” Khloe told Tristan before she came up with the punch line. “I know how much you like other women.” At that point Tristan could only laugh because Chile.

Tristan’s fraud scandals were not small. He kicked Khloe just days before she went to work with her daughter.

And we all can’t forget that after she took him back, he was caught smooching her little sister Kylie Jenner’s former beast, Jordyn Woods.

Well, it seems that Khloe is letting Tristan back into her life on her terms, so we hope they can sort things out for her little girl and Tristan’s “third trimester” Thompson never lives up to that name again.

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